Заявление о конфиденциальности

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd., as the Data Controller, is acting based on this Data Protection Policy and notice in the course of processing the data of natural person users related to the services provided by the www.gyorscsatlakozok.hu, operated by it, and any other websites available at any other address (hereinafter referred to as „Website”). By entering and using the Website, the User accepts to be bound by the provisions of the present Data Protection Policy.

The Data Controller for the purposes of this Policy is:

  1. Data Controller: Quickconnectors.hu Ltd.
  2. Registered address: 2081 Piliscsaba Ferenc forrás útja 28.
  3. Postal address: 1047 Budapest, Baross u. 79-89.
  4. Electronic (e-mail) address weh@gyorscsatlakozok.hu
  5. Court of registration: Court of Registration of the Pest County Tribunal
  6. Company register number: 13-09-138638
  7. Tax number: 22741011-2-13

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. is committed to protecting the users’ personal data. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. pays particular attention to respect your privacy by complying with the provisions of the data protection legislation in force. In awareness of this Privacy Notice, you can decide which of your data you wish to disclose to Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. over the Internet for the processing of your data by Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. in accordance with this Privacy Notice. By providing your data, you authorise Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. to process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. Please note that the data is provided voluntarily in all cases and that processing is always based on the data subject’s consent. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. processes the personal data only for the purposes specified in this Privacy Notice. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. publishes the Data Protection Policy in a visible place and is available on the website of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. (www.gyorscsatlakozok.hu).

Personal data

Anybody can view the website of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. without revealing his identity or providing any personal data. However, there are situations where Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. and its partners need your data. You can be sure that your personal data will be used only to improve the relationship between you and Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. Before providing this data, please note that you have the right to indicate that you do not want to consent to Gyorscsatlakozók. hu Kft. using the data for further inquiries, and we assure that in such case Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will respect your request. A data subject may at any time request information about his personal data processed by the data controller, and may at any time ask for the rectification or erasure thereof.

Purposes of processing

The primary objective of data processing by Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. is to provide the content of the Website in an efficient, secure and personalized way. Data processing by Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. also aims to identify the Users, settle any disputes arising related to the use of the Website, provide information to the Users, prevent operational problems, enforce the Policy and, on that basis, exercise the rights of the Operator. In addition, Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. is entitled to send to all Users information about the operation of the Website (for example, messages of a technical nature, information about changes to the Service, etc.) by using the personal data provided by the User. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will use the data provided by the Users only for marketing and business management as long as it is withdrawn.

Use and disclosure of personal data

The following paragraphs detail how Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. is processing personal data and who can access such data. Only certain paragraphs apply to you depending on which sites you visit.

Use for marketing

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. can use the information provided on the sites for marketing purposes.

Other remarks concerning the sites of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd.

In some cases, certain sites of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. may contain other remarks concerning the use and the processing of information.

Safety and quality of data

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. aims to protect the quality and integrity of allowing personal identification.


For the purposes of quality assurance, data is recorded on our landline telephone number, which is stored for 60 days. The files beyond 60 days are automatically erased by the service provider (Opennetworks). The only exceptions are files necessary to clarify disputes, and they are retained only until the matter is resolved or for the period defined by the authority. Method of identifying individual conversations: date stamp (year/month/day/hour/minute + the caller ID (if available) can be used together with the date).


In some cases, Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. uses, analyses and processes data for our own purposes through its suppliers. It is the practice of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. that, in such cases, it expects the suppliers to process the data in accordance with the principles of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd.

Cookies and external media companies

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. sometimes collects anonymous information about the visitors to the sites, so customers receive a better service.


A „cookie” is a small data file that is sent from the Website and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer. By accepting cookies on the Website, you do not provide personal data. Cookies are usually „session” cookies or „permanent” cookies. „Session” cookies remain on the computer only while using the Website or you close the browser window. Aggregating the data so obtained will allow us to make conclusions about the Website use habits of our users. On this basis, we can offer better and better custom content and experience to our users, while our Website becomes more efficient to use. „Permanent” cookies are those that remain on the user’s computer. They are intended to facilitate individual content and registration services. “Permanent” cookies can be deleted from the computer by the user. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can reject or select them by changing your browser’s security settings. If you turn off the use of cookies, you may find that some features of the Website will not be available to you and some webpages will not display correctly.

External media companies

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. may request the media representatives of third parties (e.g. Google) to place advertisements of the products and services of Gyorscsatlakozók.hu. Kft. on the websites of other companies. On websites where the advertisement of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. is published, the possibility that the media company places a cookie or web marker on your computer cannot be ruled out. The online media company can so recognize the computer when it returns to the website and can measure the effectiveness of the advertisements. This data is anonymous and not linked to personal data on the user’s computer or the databases of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. The data are used exclusively by the media company to assess the effectiveness of the advertisement and the level of interest in the specific content. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. cannot access to data collected by the online media companies.

Personalized URL links

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. occasionally takes its visitors to personalized pages. If you visit such a website, you will find links pointing to products and services of which we think based on our previous relationship and the data you provided that they may be of interest to you. While visiting such sites, it may occur that Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. collects data about your visit and uses this data to compile information on issues of interest to you. We can invite you to Such sites in different ways: by electronic mail containing a personalized URL link, by means of a remark on the registration site of the website of after logging in a particular webpage. By clicking on a link that takes you to a personalized webpage, you also consent to Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. collecting data about such visits. If you do not want Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. to use data in this way, simply do not click on such personalized URL links.

Disclosure of data required by the law

Personal data may be disclosed in certain cases, such as based on a judicial or other administrative decision. The law can make service mandatory, in which case the data service does not require the approval of the data subject.

Exclusion of the liability of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd.

Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. disclaims liability for any information stored, made available or published or sent by the Users in the context of the Service on the site operated by Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. If Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. becomes aware that a User provides the personal data of another person while using the Service or is using personal in violation of the rights of a third party or otherwise the law or uses personal or other data publicly available inside the site or obtained unlawfully in violation of the rights of third parties or the law (e.g. for direct marketing purposes) or is otherwise in violation of the provisions set out in this privacy notice or has caused damage while using the site, Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will take the necessary legal actions for compensating the damage caused and to have the offender called to account by legal means. In such cases, Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will provide all assistance expectable from it to the acting authorities to determine the identity of the offender and call the offender to account. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will notify the supervisory authority (National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) in writing within 3 days of becoming aware of any personal data breach. If a User provides or uses the data of third persons while using the website (for example, when using the site recommendation service), only the User will be responsible for fulfilling the legal requirements on data processing done by him, including, inter alia, obtaining the prior consent of the third party involved as a recipient.

Links pointing to sites other than those of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd.

The pages of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. may contain links to other sites in order to provide comprehensive information to you. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd., however, does not accept responsibility for the data protection practices or the contents of such sites. We recommend that you always refer to the respective company’s data protection policy before providing your personal data. It is also possible that some companies decide to share personal data in their possession with Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. Such data transfer is governed by the other company’s data protection policy.

Notification of changes

This privacy notice will enter into force on 10 May 2018. If Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. amends this Privacy Policy, the changes and the date of the change will be published so that you can always know what data we collect, how we use it, and what opportunities we provide to you with regard to data processing.

Questions relating to data security and access

You can send any questions regarding this privacy notice by electronic mail to the weh@gyorscsatlakozok.hu e-mail address. You can also write to this address even if you have a question about the data processing practices of Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. Quickconnectors.hu Ltd. will answer your request as soon as possible.

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